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Rates and Fees

Water Service Rates and Fees

The District has certain requirements in implementing water rates and related fees.  By law, a study must be conducted in compliance with Proposition 218 requirements.  The District has studies completed as needed or as required by law.  To view the District's most recent studies conducted, please select below.

Water Rate Study 2021Connection Fee Study 2013

Water Rates - Approved December 1, 2021

Fixed Charges Per Meter (Charged Monthly)CurrentEffective 07/01/2023Effective 07/01/2024Effective 07/01/2025
3/4" $24.17$25.63$27.17$28.81
1 1/2"$67.58$71.64 $75.94$80.50
3"$222.60$235.96 $250.12$265.13
Chromium-6 Surcharge$9.71$9.71$9.71$9.71
Fixed Charge Fire Service Line (Charged Monthly)Effective 2008
Consumption Charge Per Unit*CurrentEffective 07/01/2023Effective 07/01/2024Effective 07/01/2025
Residential: Tier 1 (9 units & under)$2.90$3.08$3.27$3.47
Residential: Tier 2 (Between 9-29 units)$3.31$3.51$3.73$3.96
Residential: Tier 3 (Over 29 units)$7.99$8.47$8.98$9.52

*One unit (HCF) of water = 748 gallons


Water Fees & Penalties

Connection FeesRate
1" Meter$7,970
1 1/2" Meter$15,941
 2" Meter$25,505
3" Meter$47,822
4" Meter$79,703
6" Meter$159,405
Billing - Late Penalty10% of current bill + 1% of past due balance
Meter Removal Fee Due to Tampering$200.00
Tampering - Cut Lock$75.00 per incident
Tampering - Relock Meter$110.00 per incident
Water Disconnection/Reconnection Fee (Established by Resolution No. 2018-02) $15.00 administration fee, $25.00 disconnection fee, $50.00 reconnection fee
Labor Rate & Administrative FeesRate
Administrative Fee (not otherwise specified) 10% of sub-total on invoice, $100 minimum
After Hours Turn On/Turn Off Service (Customer Request)$75.00
Backflow Record Maintenance $35.00 per notice
Intentional DamageTime, equipment, parts, labor, administrative fee
Labor RateTotal hourly rate of staff
Meter Calibration (Customer Request)$125.00
Meter Installation (Does Not Include Connection Fee)Parts, material, labor
Meter Read (Customer Request)$75.00
Obstructed Meter$75.00/billing cycle per meter
Service Establishment Fee$35.00
Turn Off/Turn On Service (Customer Request: 8 am - 3 pm)$35.00
Turn Off/Turn on Service (Customer Request: After 3 pm)$75.00


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