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Livestock Waste Disposal Information

May contain: animal, cattle, cow, livestock, and mammal

How to Dispose of Common Livestock Related Waste

Livestock Waste Disposal Informational Flyer (PDF Download)

SHARPS - Syringes, and other medical waste with needles, go into an impermeable container (sharps container, a coffee can or plastic laundry jug) and are disposed of at HHW facilities. Sharps are dangerous when placed in the trash. Trash is handled by people at some point during processing. By properly disposing of sharps, you lessen the risk of injury to others. Visit or call 1-909-382-5401.


MANURE - Compost manure from horses, cows, sheep, pigs, goats, rabbits, and chickens, or put in the green organics container. Do not put manure in the trash container. Dog and cat waste goes in the black trash container.


MEDICATION - Contact County HHW for a medication waste disposal kit. Do not put medication in the trash. Visit or call 1-909-382-5401.


DEAD LIVESTOCK - Call a rendering service in order to put it to beneficial use. Under 50lbs can go in the black trash container (small quantities only). 

Rendering Services in San Bernardino County:

  • Gulley's Livestock Disposal: 760-949-7957
  • Stiles Animal Removal: 909-390-9828

Note: The PPHCSD does not endorse any of the businesses listed above. The information is provided as a courtesy only.


ANIMAL BEDDING (STRAW & SHAVINGS) - Compost it or put it in the green organics container.


FEED PACKAGING - Paper bags go in the green organics container, plastic bags or plastic-coated paper bags go in the black trash container, and plastic buckets go in the blue recycling container. Twine from straw or hay goes in the black trash container.

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