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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need to have collection service? 

The District is responsible for complying with all state laws governing trash, recycling, and organics (food and green waste). There are new regulations regarding reporting and monitoring of organic waste, along with the requirement of SB 1383 to provide "curbside" collection of organic waste.

Additionally, the District is required to meet the 50% diversion (recycling) requirement, with a goal of 75% diversion, per AB 939

Until SB 1383, the District fell under the County of San Bernardino's umbrella for meeting state goals and reporting diversion which meant District residential and business recycling percentages were subsidized so-to-speak by other jurisdictions with higher recycling rates. Now, with the passage of SB 1383, the District must report directly to the state.

With the reporting and monitoring requirements for recycling and organics, and for ensuring trash is properly sorted, as well as the requirement to have "curbside" collection of organic waste, the District has determined it is necessary to require all residents and businesses to have trash, recycling, and organic collection service. 

For those desiring to self-haul trash, recycling, and organics, you may still do so. Complete the Application for Service and check the box indicating you want to self-haul. There is no permit or fee at this time for self-haulers. Source separate your solid waste before going to the transfer station, There is no need to keep your receipts except for your own purposes; the county has provided a dump card utilization report.

When will collection service for residents begin? 

Source separation is required by the state. Starting January 1, 2024, CR&R collection customers must begin separating trash into the appropriate container. Visit to use the Sorting Wizard and for additional source separation information. Information on "what goes where" was provided with your new 3-cart system. If you have not already completed your application confirming your service type and verifying your contact information, please visit or visit the District office.

What will collection cost? 

The rate schedule can be viewed by clicking here

How many containers will I have? 

The compliance plan filed with the state outlines 3 separate containers: 1 gray/black, 1 blue, and 1 green, to match the state's color coding requirements. The colors of the containers may vary at the time of implementation depending on container availability, however the containers will be labeled accordingly. 

What about the "dump card" fee I pay? What will happen to that? 

The District was considering removing the dump card fees from the tax rolls, coinciding with when collection service began so that residents were not paying for collection and the dump card fee. Because a viable self-haul is now available, the dump cards will remain until the County of San Bernardino decides otherwise.

For customers with collection service through CR&R, an offset on the rate will be provided since the dump card might not be utilized by customers with collection service in-lieu of self-haul.

Can I still go to the dump? 

Yes - even with collection service, you can go to the transfer station (dump) to dispose of trash that will not fit in your containers or once you have exceeded your bulky item pick-up amount. 

Can I still collect the CRV for my bottles and cans? 

Yes - you absolutely can still collect and turn in cans and bottles for CRV. 

What if I don't live at the property? 

Complete the Application and check the box to self-haul. 

Can I still compost? 

Yes - you can still compost. If you compost, you may eligible for an organics collection exemption.

What if I do not have any organic waste since I compost? 

 You may qualify for a minimal producer exemption for organics collection only. The process for this is still being determined. Because of the level of reporting to the state required, you will likely need to provide information on your composting activity and volume to the District.

What if I want to haul my waste (trash, recycling, and organics) myself rather than have collection service? 

You are allowed to self-haul your waste using your dump card. You will need to complete an application  indicating you want to self-haul. 

What if I disagree with this requirement? 

The District encourages you to reach out to the legislators who voted for SB 1383. You can view the voting record HERE. None of our High-Desert representatives voted for SB 1383, with the exception of our new Assemblyman, Chris Holden. The District has no choice but to comply in order to avoid up to $10,000/day/violation fines. 

My question wasn't answered. 

Call the District office at 760-868-1212 or CR&R at 760-868-4232 for your specific question(s).

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