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Each year, staff is tasked with preparing a budget for consideration at an annual Public Hearing in June. The process leading up to the hearing includes several public meetings to provide the Board and the public with information for consideration and opportunities for input into the budget process. These public meetings include workshops, committee, and Board meetings.

Beginning in January, committees review and update their respective Long-Range Plans including the 10-year Capital Improvement Plan (CIP) and Maintenance plans. In February, staff gathers information in preparation for the budget. February through March, the Board reviews and approves the Long Range Capital Plans. Staff utilizes budget assumptions based on the consumer price index and other economic factors. Considering these guidelines, staff begins the process of preparing a draft budget. Staff works with department managers and supervisors to obtain budget information and incorporates the data with the assumptions as directed by the Board.

The draft budget is reviewed by management and presented to the Finance Committee for consideration prior to being presented to the full Board. The Final Draft Budget is made available for review and a public hearing is held in May. The Final Draft Budget is presented to the Board during the public meeting for final review, consideration, and adoption. All of these are public meetings and the District encourages public attendance and participation.

Press Release - Budget Schedule 2024-2025.pdf
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